1Voucher Expands with Peach Payments and MyRunway Partnership

Sep 8, 2023

1Voucher has partnered with Peach Payments to offer MyRunway customers a new way to pay. 1Voucher, the most convenient and secure way to pay online, is now accepted by MyRunway, one of South Africa's leading online fashion retailers. This is thanks to a partnership between 1Voucher and Peach Payments, which has made it possible for retailers like MyRunway to offer their customers even more payment options.

What is 1Voucher? It's the trusted prepaid voucher that's taking the online shopping and gaming world by storm. 1Voucher can be purchased at participating retail outlets and redeemed online (and instore), anywhere within the 1Voucher partner network. This means that you don't need a bank account or credit card to shop online with your favourite merchants - a game-changer that allows anyone, anywhere to shop online, no matter their financial circumstances. And for online merchants, it's an opportunity to open up a new revenue stream with a bigger customer base.

The Power of Partnership

1Voucher has partnered with Peach Payments to offer voucher-based payments to their merchants, including MyRunway. This partnership with 1Voucher allows Peach Payments, a PSP (payment service provider), to expand its customer base by enabling more customers to buy from Peach Payments’ merchants. Other Peach Payments partners and online merchants can approach 1Voucher to have the redemption service implemented on their websites and offer this convenient payment option to their customers too.

Paying with 1Voucher on MyRunway

In terms of the benefits for consumers, 1Voucher prides itself on being the easiest, safest, and most secure way to pay online. With no bank account or credit card required, there's no need to worry about credit card fraud or online security breaches. 1Vouchers can be purchased from retail outlets so there’s no need to share any sensitive information online. What's more, 1Voucher provides immediate payment confirmation to ensure that shoppers receive their purchased items as quickly as possible. And with its extensive partner network, 1Voucher can be redeemed with an ever-growing number of online merchants.

Driving Revenue, Delivering Value

The partnership between 1Voucher, Peach Payments, and MyRunway, is an innovation that will change the online shopping game in South Africa. It offers merchants a new revenue stream and an opportunity to tap into the cash-by-choice market. It also provides customers with a safe, secure, and convenient payment option that requires no bank account or credit card. 

We invite you to join us and be part of our growing network of partners. Getting started is easy, contact the 1Voucher sales team to see how we can help your business grow: marketing@1voucher.co.za.

How to Pay on MyRunway with 1Voucher:

1. Go to the MyRunway website and choose the products you want to purchase.

2. When you get to the checkout, select "Pay with 1Voucher" as your payment option.

3. Enter the 1Voucher PIN that you have purchased from your local retailer.

4. Click on "Redeem PIN" and wait for your payment to be processed.

5. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email, and your purchased items will be shipped to you.

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