The joy of gaming with 1Voucher and Easybet

Mar 6, 2024

Discover the joy of gaming with 1Voucher and Easybet

Get ready for a whole new way to play games online in South Africa, thanks to 1Voucher teaming up with Easybet. Together, we’re making gaming fun and easy for everyone. It's not just another place to play games; it's a fresh start for enjoying games online.

1Voucher: making gaming easy and safe

Over at Easybet, you'll find 1Voucher listed as a payment option, which makes adding money to play games a breeze. No cards, no headaches like with other payment methods. 1Voucher is your shortcut straight to the fun part – playing the games you love, safely and without hassle.

How to top up your Easybet account with 1Voucher:

  1. Go to your Easybet account and log in with a quick click.
  2. Find the "Deposit" area - it's right there waiting for you.
  3. A super-easy deposit screen pops up. Choose 1Voucher.
  4. Put in your 16-digit PIN from your 1Voucher.
  5. Hit the deposit button and watch your account get ready for action.

In just moments, you're all set to dive into the games, with money in your account and excitement ahead.

1Voucher: your ticket to a world of games

With 1Voucher joining forces with Easybet, you've got a world of games right at your fingertips. Brilliant games by big-time game makers like NetEnt and Evolution are waiting for you.

1Voucher with Easybet:your pathway to fun!

1Voucher and Easybet are all about making your time fun and exciting.

A Friendly Reminder:

1Voucher and Easybet want you to enjoy gaming wisely. If you're 18 or over, come join in, but play smart and take breaks when you need to. Winning is best when you know when to stop and take it easy.

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