Withdraw your GBETS winnings with 1Voucher

May 31, 2023

Players can easily withdraw Gbets winnings with 1Voucher, and use it to pay, play and top up on other platforms. Read this quick article to find out how. 

South Africans can use 1Voucher to pay and shop almost anywhere these days. What started out as Mzansi’s trusted online betting and gaming voucher, has evolved into the number 1 way to pay, play and top up online. 

Today many people still use 1Voucher to play online games where they can win real cash. Players who wish to get their cash out of the game and into the world of online shopping will be pleased to know they can withdraw winnings from selected betting platforms instantly with 1Voucher. 


How to withdraw your Gbets winnings with 1Voucher 


One of these partners is Gbets, a major gaming platform that offers players world-class sports betting and live casino games. Read the instructions below and learn how you can go straight from winning on Gbets, to shopping and paying online with 1Voucher –> 



Log into your Gbets account and select Withdraw:


Select 1Voucher as your withdrawal method.


Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on Withdraw to get your  

16-digit 1Voucher PIN.

Once you have your 1Voucher PIN, you can use it to pay and top up any 1Voucher partner –> https://www.1voucher.co.za/where-to-spend 


Enjoy! 🏆 

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