Predict the 2022 Fifa World Cup winning team for a chance to WIN

Nov 21, 2022
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On the subject of predictions, here are some random World Cup facts, thoughts, and open-ended questions.


Could the winning team come from Europe?

In 2028, France become world champions for the second time, which was the fourth edition in a row won by a European nation, extending the longest ever run of victories by a single confederation. The dominant clubs and players of club football reside in Europe, but could 2022 be a chance for the rest of the world to remind everyone why football truly is the global game?


Will the winning shot be a penalty?

In 2018, just the group stage alone saw 24 penalties, which was more than any previous tournament had seen in total. The knockout stages saw just five more penalties as teams and defenders smartened up and adjusted their behaviour. No-one is saying that there won’t be any VAR drama in the 2022 World Cup but the penalty high water mark of 2018 will surely never be breached. Or will it?


Could England win in another way?

So England might note be world champions in 2022, but Harry Kane could end the year as the nation’s top-scoring player in international tournaments. In all likelihood, Captain Kane will score at least once in Qatar and be installed as his country’s greatest ever tournament goal scorer. It’s not a trophy but it is a big deal.


Will the winning shot be a penalty?

Between them, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have well over 1,500 career goals. That said, neither has scored beyond the group stages so far in their careers and 2022 surely represents the last opportunity for them to do it. Can they emulate the likes of Matt Upson, Harry Maguire and Emile Heskey by scoring a goal in the latter stages of a World Cup?


Could the winning team come from South America?

Everyone knows that the most common nationality of players in UEFA Champions League history is Brazilian and both they and Argentina head into the 2022 World Cup with super strong squads. The Opta super computer currently has Brazil as favourites and Argentina in third, splitby reigning world champions France.


But we all know that football doesn’t play by the books. It’s anyone’s game.


Terms and Conditions

o  Only correct predictions will be entered into the lucky draw.

o  The competition will start on 20 November 2022 (First day of the Fifa World Cup) and close on 30 November 2022.

o  Winners will be announced on 21 December 2022, once the Fifa World Cup has ended.

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