MoyaPay and 1Voucher: A Partnership Transforming Digital Payments

Jul 18, 2023

1Voucher has recently partnered with Payment Processor (PSP) Omnea, which has enabled 1Voucher on MoyaPay. 1Voucher is proud of this partnership and looking forward to more partners that would make life easier for our consumers. 1Voucher also has a partnership with Peach Payments, a payment gateway that gives sellers access to all relevant payment methods, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, mobile wallets, electronic wallets, and mobile operator billing.

The benefit of 1Voucher partnering with a PSP gives partners instant appeal and access to cash consumers. Instead of entering a credit card number, consumers can purchase a 1Voucher with cash, and then use their 1Voucher PIN when they check out online. It’s a win-win-win for consumers, payment gateway partners, and businesses who use those payment gateways.

MoyaPay and 1Voucher give cash customers an easy way to digitize their cash.

1Voucher is a safe payment voucher that gives everyone a way to pay online, without a bank card or bank account. Anyone, banked or unbanked, can buy a 1Voucher and then use the unique 16-digit PIN on their voucher to pay or top up with any brand in the 1Voucher partner network. 1Voucher’s partner network is extensive and always expanding, with a range of categories including utilities, gaming, betting, communication, travel, lifestyle, shopping, healthcare, insurance, entertainment, crypto and trading, and more.

MoyaPay is a mobile money account in MoyaApp - free to register and data-free to use. Users can store money safely and securely, get paid (via bank EFT or QR code scan) and receive wages or salary. Now, users can also top up their MoyaPay account balance with 1Voucher, which gives Moya App’s millions of cash customers an easy way to digitize their cash. Moya customers can also buy 1Voucher on MoyaPay, which benefits Moya’s partner brands and the businesses who sell value-added services (VAS) and vouchers on their platform.

1Voucher provides freedom and access for consumers and businesses.

As 1Voucher was created around the belief that everybody deserves freedom and choice when it comes to payment methods, the Moya-1Voucher partnership makes a lot of sense, for people and business. 1Voucher gives people an opportunity to turn their cash into a safe, convenient, payment voucher which can be used on or offline. By accepting 1Voucher as a payment type on their platform, website, or in-store, businesses can cater for millions of customers who use cash.

1Voucher can help businesses access and appeal to South Africa’s cash customer market.

According to an article on Times Live and data from PwC Strategy’s 2022 Open Banking and Payments Survey, cash remains the most dominant form of payment on the African continent including South Africa. Chantal Maritz of PwC Africa said, “In South Africa alone, the majority of the population have bank accounts, though 25% (8.3-million individuals) prefer to withdraw all their money and transact in cash.

1Voucher facilitates over 10 million 1Voucher transactions every month for customers who choose to use cash. Cash is still a vital part of South Africa’s financial economy. The big question is, with so many cash customers out there, can your business afford to ignore them? Chat to one of our sales consultants today to see how your business can grow by accepting 1Voucher as a payment type.

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