Prepaid healthcare and lifestyle services with 1Voucher

Aug 1, 2023

Having initially been embraced as a convenient way to top up online gaming wallets,1Voucher has grown into a reliable, convenient way to pay for a variety of essential and lifestyle services.

One of the key areas where 1Voucher is improving access, is within the space of prepaid healthcare. The entire premise of prepaid healthcare is to help more South Africans access premium healthcare services, without worrying about the notoriously high cost of traditional medical insurance. With 1Voucher, customers can easily pay for prepaid medical vouchers or save for future medical bills.


To date, we’ve partnered with Discovery Prepaid and Netcare Plus. Each provider offers affordable prepaid healthcare and accepts 1Voucher as a way to top up.

Prepaid medical wallets are especially useful in supplementing traditional medical insurance, or for when you want to cover family members’ medical expenses without adding them onto a full medical aid plan. Simply purchase 1Voucher and use it at any of our healthcare partners.


Where to next?

Having added entertainment, travel, household utilities and telecommunications to the list of 1Voucher partner categories; this recent foray into private healthcare shows the potential of 1Voucher as a versatile payment solution. Millions of South Africans still trust and prefer cash, for a variety of safety and convenience reasons. 1Voucher is the link between businesses, who are usually quicker to digital adoption, and these cash consumers, who can’t afford to be left behind.


Interested in expanding your reach by giving customers more payment options? If you’d like to join our partner network, get in touch, today:

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