Send & Spend 1Voucher at Flash shops

Jan 11, 2024

Send & Spend 1Voucher at Flash shops

Everyone wins with 1Voucher!

For many customers, 1Voucher has become a convenient way to send grocery money to loved ones in distant areas. In turn, the relatives who receive these 1Vouchers can use them to pay for goods and services at Flash shops close to them. A win for everyone!

About 1Voucher

1Voucher is a virtual cash voucher used to pay online and in-store, without the need for a bank card. Customers buy 1Voucher online, at Flash shops, or from a variety of retailers (where to buy) and get a 16-digit PIN they can use to shop at any partner within the 1Voucher network.

Buy 1Voucher at

1Voucher is known for the ease of access giving customers access to a wide variety of goods and services from our wide partner network.

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Spend or Pay with 1Voucher at Flash shops

One of the smart ways our customers use 1Voucher, is to send 1Voucher for groceries to loved ones in distant areas. Customers buy 1Voucher and share the PINS/slips with their relatives in distant areas via SMS or WhatsApp. Their relatives then use the vouchers to buy groceries at their local Flash shops.  Look out for shops that have a Flash Cow on their slips.

Since there’s a Flash shop almost everywhere, the convenient method is a win-win for everyone involved.

The use of 1Voucher makes the entire process easier for senders, receivers and Flash shops that accept 1Vouchers as payment. Senders can instantly send any amount they choose to anyone, anywhere. It’s also safe and convenient, saving time and transport costs, and ensuring receivers never have to handle physical cash or look for ATMs. The fact that 1Voucher can be used to shop for almost anything, it’s simply the (orange) cherry on top!

Want to send a 1Voucher?

Buy a voucher at and simply send your loved one a WhatsApp or SMS with the16-digit PIN.

Has someone sent you a 1Voucher?

Use it to shop locally at your nearest Flash shop. Ask the Merchant if they accept 1Voucher as payment. If a Merchant is not sure how to accept 1Voucher payments, let them know they can simply go to “Transfers” on their Flash machine, then select “1Voucher”and press “Accept” instead of “Sell”.

If a Merchant does not take 1Voucher, go to another nearby Merchant to see if they might accept 1Voucher payments.

Pay with 1Voucher at Flash shops today!

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